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SBTi Board of Trustees made a decision that caused consternation even among their patron foundations, funded by Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos.

By “winking” at including non-verifiable offsets, the SBTi trustees gave the squawking of the asset class undeserved standing.

The stinging rebuff by the trustees to the staff and scientific community of SBTi is another “deja-vu” reveal that the powerful will protect their interests at any and all costs.

There is an option - for how long, “Who knows?”

Open Banking - move your money to Green Banks, and away from the banks and their captive consulting firms peddling “kinda-sorta” stuff.


Take a moment to read about community based organizations, and find out - “resilience is good business”

NREL info & resources


Despite the serious high level systems and technology required for accountability and attribution, a DIY “blue ocean” sensibility must be our north star.

If we don’t build in sustainability and invest in fact-based futures, we won’t have much choice when the current construct collapses.

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